Thursday, July 17, 2008

Natalie Hamade Class

Natalie Hamade Class

If you have never seen a doll done by Natalie Hamade then you are really missing something special. She is known for her expressive faces and expressions. The class mostly focused on the face techniques. The face was stuffed, sculpted, gessoed, painted, and sealed. It was an amazing class and Natalie is a wonderful teacher. I learned so much!

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Jodi Pendarvis said...

Mrs. Slobin! It IS you!!! (I just sent you a private message over at Facebook, but not having a clue about how often you check in over there, I decided to investigate further.) You were my seventh grade Texas history teacher at Quail Valley Jr. High in '83-'84, and I credit YOU as sparking my love of history. You brought history to life, made it about interesting people, the choices they made, and the effects of those choices. It was that year that the light bulb above my head reached its full brightness (like those wait-ten-minutes-energy-efficient bulbs, lol) about history being the story of the past as best we can tell from the evidence rather than etched-in-stone facts that held authority simply because the textbook said so. Ah, those primary source lessons and your guidance helped mold a critical thinker!

I have a piece of Marlene Slobin memorabilia in my childhood scrapbook: a wanted poster that my class made of you. You were WANTED for wearing fuzzy sweaters, saying, "Aaap," and being a fantastic teacher! :D

We loved you!!!!

I dual-majored in history and English and became a middle school teacher. I ended up bring primarily an English/language arts teacher, but I taught Texas history for a few years. :-)

Sorry for hijacking your doll blog. I'm just so excited to find you! I'm hoping you'll get an email notification that I've posted here.

Warm wishes!
Jodi Pendarvis